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Botanical eye pillow | White Daisy

Mama + Me



Botanical eye pillow with organic lavender, chamomile and rose botanicals.

100% handmade in Christchurch using cotton fabric with a removable washable case for easy cleaning. Use cold or heated for headaches, migranes, puffy eyes or simply to relax the mind, sedate nerves and balance the body.
The eye pillow spreads a soothing weight over your eyes and forehead while calming and relaxing your eyes and facial muscles, releasing stress and tension. Heat the pillow for 1 minute, shake and then heat for 30second intervals after that until you reach your desired heat (make sure you microwave has a clean and dry plate) for cooling therapy add the eye pillow into a plastic zip lock bag and place in the freezer for at least 30 minutes.
Use and repeat as necessary.
For cleaning remove cover and wash as normal, leave to dry flat in a shady area. Do not use a dryer. Do not wash the filled wheat bag, if cleaning is desired use a damp soapy tea towel and wipe when needed. 

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